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Get linked to leading services in San Diego for mold remediation services and other restoration services. San Diego is no stranger to torrential downpours that can cause floods and extensive water damage to your property. Our leading companies also offer flood damage restoration quickly helping homes and businesses that have been affected by floods to regain access to their properties.

Our company is working everyday to become the best link between excelling companies in San Diego and customers just like you who need professional mold remediation services. Mold remediation is an emergency service and requires prompt action to properly take care of the mold. Our companies are available on call 24/7 and respond immediately to start the inspection and consultation process.

We work with companies that offer fair pricing. You will only get a quote after the mold inspection has been done. During this process the extent of mold damage is determined and the scope of work required to remedy the problem. Besides, a targeted plan will be discussed with you during this process so you know exactly what you are paying for.

All the companies we work with are compliant, certified and prepared for any level of mold remediation work in San Diego. Whether you have an extensive mold invasion or an invasion of highly toxic black mold, we have the right company to cater to your needs.

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Mold Remediation San Diego

Mold is a serious toxin in San Diego especially due to the high humidity experienced near the coast. Mold contamination can result to serious health problems. So protect the ones you love by getting professional mold remediation San Diego when you identify any signs of mold in your property. When there is mold in your house, the damage is not just cosmetic. With professional mold remediation you can take care of your property and health by having mold properly removed.

What is mold remediation?

If you have spotted signs of mold on your property, you could be wondering whether you need mold remediation or mold removal services. Some people use these two terms synonymously but they are not one and the same thing. Mold removal involves the process of physically cleaning and removing mold from your property. During mold removal, all the patches of mold identified on your property are removed.

Mold remediation San Diego on the other hand, entails doing much more than just mold removal. It is the comprehensive process that involves inspection, containment, removal, cleaning, and prevention. This comprehensive process ensures there is no mold recurrence and the air quality of your home is at safe levels.

Mold removal directly targets removing mold affected items from your property. On the other hand, mold remediation involves other processes that happen after the mold has been removed like cleaning, sanitizing, repairs and so much more. The Professional San Diego Mold Remediation Process

Proper mold remediation San Diego depends on expertise. Successful mold removal also depends on specialized equipment which leading companies in San Diego have invested in. As such, you can rest assured that when a professional company shows up to take care of your mold problem, it will be adequately taken care of.

The professional mold remediation process in San Diego will follow the following steps;

Mold inspection and testing – the first step entails inspection of the mold problem. During inspection, the professionals will determine the following;

  • The extent of your mold damage if any.
  • The type of mold on your property
  • The cause of mold on your property (excess moisture or water damage)
  • How they will ensure safety of the occupants
  • How to prevent cross contamination during removal

When all of the above have been determined, the professionals are then able to come up with a customized remediation plan. This plan outlines clearly what will be done during the mold remediation San Diego CA process. The professionals get to know the scope of work for completely taking care of the mold and consequently a quote will be given.

Containment or isolation – exposure to mold is hazardous to health and hence professionals ensure that the mold affected areas are isolated. This is done to prevent cross contamination. During removal, mold spores can become airborne, spreading to other parts of the home that were not contaminated before. Also, the spores can spoil the air quality around the property exposing your family or employees to elevated mold spore count and hence potential health risks. Containment is therefore necessary before the process begins.

The physical containment is done using plastic sheets. The areas with the infestation are contained by surrounding them with plastic sheets while the areas that are not affected by the mold may also be covered to keep away any mold spores that may escape the isolated region.

Mold removal – the next step now entails mold removal. The mold removal process is done two-fold. First, the mold affected items are removed from the property and cleaned. If the mold damage San Diego on these items is extensive, then they are disposed of. If not, then they are salvaged using specialized techniques.

The mold growing on permanent surfaces like walls and beams is also removed during this process. It is done thoroughly, ensuring that there is no sign of mold left on the surface. But, not to worry because if there is any left, it will be handled in the next step of cleaning.

Cleaning – cleaning entails using specialized cleaning agents like fungicides and others to kill any mold spores left on the surfaces during removal. Porous surfaces might be hard to clean if the mold damage is extensive. Also, it might be difficult to get deep down into the empty spaces on the surface to remove the hidden mold spores. If the items cannot be salvaged they will have to be disposed of.

To further prevent mold growth later on, the surfaces may be sanitized using disinfectants. Cleaning is thoroughly done, ensuring that any all areas with a mold infection are properly cleaned.

Air quality control – mold infestation affects the air quality on your property. There are elevated mold spores in the air and allergens that need to be removed. A professional company will always prioritize your health and will only deem their process successful if the air quality on your property is restored to safe levels. Air scrubbing is therefore done to clean the air and remove allergens and mold spores that could be lingering around. High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) air scrubbers are used in the process.

Prevention – prevention is key if you want to stay mold free in San Diego. Usually, excess moisture, high humidity and poor ventilation are the key causes of mold in most properties in the region. Excess moisture or water in the home can be caused by plumbing problems, neglecting spills, leaks, pipe bursts, roof problems and so much more. Ensuring that your home is properly maintained and problems are addressed promptly will take care of water damage problems.

A good company will not only take care of the mold problem and leave you. They will give you recommendations on how you can prevent your home from mold invasions in the future. They will take into considerations the weather of San Diego, the cause of your previous mold problem and common causes of mold problems in the region. This way your property and health are protected for a long time.

Repairs and reconstruction – the final step in mold remediation entails doing repairs to any parts that were damaged by mold. Remember mold doesn’t only affect your health, it also causes significant damage to your property. As mold grows, it feeds on the surfaces it is growing on. This means the surface will start to decay and rot in no time.

If mold has been sitting on your property for a long time, it might affect big load bearing beams, wood, walls, ceilings and other parts of the structure causing them to rot. This means that repairs of the affected parts will need to be done for the property to regain its strength and agility.

Final inspection – the final step entails checking the air quality in the house to ascertain that it is down to safe levels. The air test inside or in the vicinity of the areas affected by mold is done and compared to air quality outside the property. This way you can be sure that the mold spore count is back to normal in your house or building.

As is evident with these processes, mold remediation San Diego is an all-encompassing process requiring specialized equipment and knowledge to do safely and adequately. Actually, the leading companies in San Diego only employ personnel that are trained and certified by the IICRC or other known organizations.

The need for professional mold remediation services

Mold damage San Diego entails damage to the structure. Therefore, it is important to have professionals working on your mold invasion to properly identify the damage done to your property and repair it. If your home will not be properly repaired, the damage will continue to happen maybe even unnoticed thereby leading to loss of property value. The only way to maintain the value of your property is after proper repairs have been done.

Handling mold is risky and dangerous. Experts have the right tools, knowledge equipment and personal protective equipment to handle mold safely and completely. If you do it yourself, you might not be certain that you have handled all the mold colonies growing on your property. Actually, if you are not careful, DIY mold removal may worsen the situation.

Without the proper equipment, knowledge and expertise needed to handle mold, you will not be able to handle it fully. DIY mold remediation should only be for minor mold problems. The EPA recommends DIY mold removal for mold invasions that are less than 10 square feet. If your mold problem is bigger than that or you are unsure of the invasion out of sight, seek professional mold remediation San Diego.

Professionals will start with a mold inspection to determine the best course of action for your specific infestation. Plus, there is post-remediation air quality check to prove to you that the mold problem has been taken care of successfully.

If you are looking for a leading mold remediation company in San Diego to take care of your mold problem, then we can connect you with leading companies in the region. Please check out our list of pre-approved mold remediation companies in San Diego.